Do the Red, Say the Black

Rite of Holy CommunionOur liaison at the Center was tremendously helpful in providing us with the appropriate vestments, prayer books, and Communion materials for scenes shot in the Chapels and those requiring Catholic rites. On one occasion as we were preparing for the scene of a Holy Communion at Mass, our liaison was working with the Propmaster and Tom Morton, the actor portraying “Father O’Toole.”

He advised us as to the proper handling of the chalice and paten holding the unconsecrated Communion hosts. He provided us with the Mass Prayer Book for the Communion Service, which is kept on the altar for reference. It has the instructions for the priest with the proper performance of the service written in it. We were shown in the book that the instructions for the priest, such as, “At this point the priest will lift the paten and the host and say…” were written in red ink, while the verbal statement to follow the action, as in “This is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Happy are those who are called to his supper,” are printed in black ink. Our instructions for the actor were the same as those given to priests who are new to performing the rite: “Do the red, say the black.”