On Location at Harrigan’s Tavern

On Location: Harrigan's TavernWho doesn’t enjoy the atmosphere at a good Irish tavern? The production needed a location in which to film songwriting partners Tony Mirakul and Joe Seacker and their “Mirakul-Seacker Band” performing on stage. On the call sheet for the day was shooting the pivotal scenes of Emily’s rejection of Tony’s proposal and later, the fight between Joe and Tony. Enter Harrigan’s Tavern, a homegrown pub located on the outskirts of Dayton, Ohio. With a few local notices on social media sites calling for extras and the regulars at the pub, our background crowd was all set. Filming even while the pub was open for lunch and dinner business, we had yet another set of unique obstacles due to the age of the building, the wiring modifications made over the years to accommodate all the neon signage, and the power surges created by the refrigeration units, fans, blowers and ice machines. Again, sound was a concern for the Sound Recordist, who had to get clean actor dialogue and playback for the band, given all of these noisemakers.